Technology Adoption and Outreach

Tim Weigle

Timothy H. Weigle is a Senior Extension Associate with the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Cornell University where he provides statewide and regional leadership for planning, conducting, and evaluating a comprehensive extension and applied research program in Integrated Pest Management in the commercial grape and hops industries. Since joining the NYS IPM Program in 1989 Tim has looked at combining traditional and alternative information transfer techniques to ensure growers access to research based information no matter their learning preference.

Tim was instrumental in the development of the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program website, where he is team leader, to allow for the rapid dissemination of information across a growing region that stretches from the Pennsylvania/Ohio border to the shores of Lake Ontario in New York. His development of weekly small group Coffee Pot meetings, held at grower venues throughout the growing season, allows the extension team and growers to learn about, discuss, and address, what is currently happening in vineyards across the Lake Erie Grape Belt. Tim is co-editor of the New York and Pennsylvania Pest Management Guidelines for Grapes, Organic Production and IPM Guide for Grapes and is editor for the Cornell Integrated Hops Production Guide. Tim is the lead for Adopt on and Outreach portion of the SCRI Efficient Vineyards project, working with project researchers and extension personnel to first establish how growers want to access information, and then developing the tools to provide them the information they need to fully implement the research developed through this project.