James Taylor, Ph.D.

James Taylor is the academic lead for the Spatial Data Processing and Decision Support System work package.

James studied a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at The University of Sydney and then completed a PhD in Precision Viticulture in 2004. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Precision Farming at Newcastle University (UK) and leads the Integrated Agricultural Production Research Group within the School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. James’ expertise is in spatial agricultural data analysis and interpretation. He has undertaken research projects in various systems including cereal systems in the UK, China and Australia, potatoes in the UK, apple orchards in Italy, kiwifruit in New Zealand. In addition, James has held precision viticulture research positions in both the France and the USA. In all cases, James’ research is strongly aligned with end-user requirements and ensuring that Agri-tech is accessible and informative to agronomists and producers.

James will supervisor two PhD candidates working to support the spatial data processing and delivery requirements of the project and to provide innovative data and information service solutions to the USA viticulture industry.