Precision Vineyard Sensing

George Kantor, Ph.D.

George Kantor is a senior systems scientist at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He is leading the CMU team in charge of precision sensing on the Efficient Vineyard project. As a team they are addressing the problem of intelligent sensing and manipulation in grape environments. George has been working in applying robots and robotics technology in agriculture for about 15 years. Several of the crops he has been working in include ornamentals, flowers grown in greenhouses, bushes and shrubs grown in container nurseries, apple orchards, vineyards, and row crops.

An example of George’s work over the past 15 years is that he has been involved in developing sensor networks which measure different parameters to monitor environments around plants. This information can be used to automatically come up with intelligent management programs to ensure optimal growing conditions, for example irrigation.

Going forward George is interested in starting to use the information from the sensors to inform management decisions that can be automated and more effective. He is looking forward to getting better measurements by possibly touching or manipulating the plants with the sensing equipment, this will allow better management decisions.