Loaner Sensor Program

The loaner sensor program is an outreach program designed to introduce interested growers to the technology developed by the Efficient Vineyard researchers. It involves a technician from the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program coming out to the farm to install or attach scanners and computers to existing equipment. The subsequent data collection is then completed during normal activity such as pesticide spraying. Once the data is collected it can be sent back to researchers to generate a prescription map. At this time the soil sensor is not available for loaning out but should you desire a soil map for your vineyard you can contact the LERGP team.

It is important for growers to remember that this will be a marathon, not a sprint. It might take a year or two for you to see results and feel the economic impact of a variable rate management strategy, which is to be expected in a perennial crop system. This manual is designed to give growers a look at the potential benefit of modifying their management plans to incorporate various options in precision agriculture technology. It isn’t necessary for farms to buy every piece of technology at the beginning. It would benefit farmers greatly to first come in and talk to a member of our extension team about the needs of your vineyard and what piece of equipment would be most beneficial for your operation.

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We are in no way recommending brands for equipment, we can only attest to the abilities of the machines and technology chosen for this project.