What is Precision Viticulture?

Precision viticulture isn’t really anything different from what growers have been doing for centuries. Now, there are ways to help the grower measure soil, canopy, and crop characteristics spatially and be able to manage against that information. Since one area of the vineyard will be a little different from another area, it is important to tailor an approach to each part of the vineyard. This then improves the bottom line and increases profitability. Watch the video and explore the Measure, Model, and Manage sections to see how you can implement Efficient Vineyard techniques!

Commonly asked questions:

  1. Why should I consider efficient vineyard techniques? There are fewer growers farming more acres and it is becoming increasingly difficult to know a vineyard as intimately as growers did in past generations. By optimizing grape production, growers can better understand the size of the issues a vineyard is experiencing and make management decisions based on this optimization.

  2. What will this Efficient Vineyard Manual help me to do? This manual will help growers to assess what techniques they want to implement, if any, and give them a top-level road-map for accomplishing their efficient vineyard goals. This will give growers options for optimizing vineyard production that maybe they haven’t been introduced to yet or maybe they thought it was out of their reach. The goal is to bring some of those growers back in to a place where they will consider implementing technology like this.

  3. How does this manual differ from others? These efficient vineyard techniques have never been documented in such a comprehensive way and on this sort of scale before. The goal of this manual is to house all of the information collected and distill it to growers looking to use these techniques.

  4. How might I use this manual? Growers who are considering other options for managing their vineyard can consult this manual to determine if efficient vineyard techniques are a suitable option. This manual will provide growers with an understanding of efficient vineyard topics. Growers will be able to look up specific terms, products, read articles, and watch videos that explain techniques and the research behind those techniques. Precision agriculture has been around for a while but due to the nature of the grape vine (a perennial crop, difficulty imaging every single berry, etc.) there needs to be a more dedicated sector of technology towards this type of growing. This manual will be a place where potential adopters of this technology can see how the process works and if it can help their vineyard.