Julian Alston, Ph.D.

Julian M. Alston is a distinguished professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics of the University of California, Davis, where he leads a program of research on the causes and consequences of government policy affecting agriculture and food, emphasizing (1) science and technology policy and the economics of agricultural innovation, and (2) food and nutrition policy and the global challenges of poverty, malnutrition, and obesity. He has published over 200 books, research articles, and book chapters on these subjects, has received many professional honors and awards for this work, and is one of the most highly cited authors in the field of agricultural economics. At UC Davis, Julian also serves as director of the Robert Mondavi Institute Center for Wine Economics, and leads a variety of projects on economics of viticulture, wine production and consumption, and related policies. Much of this work has entailed modeling and measuring the value of improved traits of grapevines. In the SCRI Precision Viticulture project Julian is leading the economic assessment and evaluation aspects, focusing on particular technologies to be developed by other members of the project and their economic consequences, both at the individual vineyard level and economy-wide.