By Kim Knappenberger

At the end of March we were glad to have the Carnegie Mellon group come visit the Cornell Lake Erie Research and Extension Laboratory in Portland, NY.  Abhi, Omeed and Harjatin drove from Pittsburgh, PA with their vineyard  robot to test out navigation and imaging abilities.  After initial set up and ensuring all was working well, the members of the team here were invited down to watch a demonstration.  Harjatin operated the robot with a repurposed game controller while Abhi ensured that the imaging units were functioning properly and communicating with the field computer.  The young Concord vineyard used to test the system has been established with a metal post at every vine.  The robot was positioned to be centered at each post.  Sensors then moved along a track that made it able to image the entire right and left side of the vine relative to the metal post.  The sensors collected data that can be used in many different ways, but is currently used to calculate the 

number of buds on the canes.  This is a continuation of the study explained in the March 19th blog.  As a means of collecting more data to be used in the study, Omeed was busily imaging the rest of the vineyard with the standard system mounted on the laboratory Gator.