Schedules, schedules, schedules…

By Kim Knappenberger

As the Efficient Vineyard team is gearing up for another growing season, it was decided that a pre-set schedule would be imperative to keep the flow of information coming to our faithful blog viewers.  The vines are already waking up in California, and budbreak is just around the bend for us on the eastern side of the country.  This means that the sensing teams will be springing into action to begin collecting data in numerous vineyards across the country, and researchers will be focusing their efforts on setting up trials and developing tools to accomplish the goals set before them.  Numbers are being crunched and spatial data management tools continue to progress.  With all of this on their minds, it’s good to have a schedule to keep everyone on track.

Last week a schedule of blog posts and current research articles was sketched out that will reflect important aspects of the project as it happens so that you can be up to date on the exciting work being done on the Efficient Vineyard project.  We will be rotating through each of the groups on a regular basis and will be hearing from different people within the project to give you many different perspectives.

Blog posts, which are generally shorter and more news-y, will continue to be posted every other week, usually on Monday.  Current Research articles will be posted every other month.  These articles reflect the current research going on and impacts of that research.  These are generally posted around the end of the month.

What’s coming next?  Steve Nuske, Precision Vineyard Sensing, will be sending the next blog, and Kaan Kurtural, Differential Vineyard Management, will be submitting the Current Research article for April.   We look forward to sharing the advances being made with you!