Getting the Word Out on Who’s Doing What

By Tim Weigle

The Lake Erie Regional Grape Program extension team started producing weekly podcasts consisting of short videos, approximately 5-minutes in length, to inform growers of the research-based information available for use in their vineyards.  The members of the Efficient Vineyard Technology Adoption and Outreach team quickly realized that these podcasts provided an excellent opportunity to spread the word about the great work being conducted by many members of the Efficient Vineyard research team.  As part of the project, members of the various teams travel to the Cornell Lake Erie Research and Extension Laboratory in Portland, NY to conduct research, present to grower groups, or even just to attend meetings of the project team.  These visits to CLEREL provide an excellent opportunity for Damian Dodd, Extension videographer with the team, to visit with them and capture video of their contributions to the project. 

In just over a year since the podcasts have started, 53 podcasts have been uploaded to both the LERGP website ( and You Tube.  Of those 53 podcasts, 20 are based on research conducted as part of the Efficient Vineyard project.  Podcasts can focus on new equipment as in the podcast with Abhishesh Silwal of Carnegie Mellon discussing a new imaging system which will provide growers the ability to assess pruning weight during the dormant season. Podcasts also focus on how to use the information provided by sensors, as in the work being conducted in the Lake Erie region by Dr. Terry Bates on variable rate crop load management.  Dr. James Taylor of Newcastle University lends an international touch to the podcasts as he explains the present and future uses of NDVI sensors. Whatever the subject, these podcasts allow growers to see and hear project updates directly from the researcher(s).  Closed captioning of the podcasts is being added to increase the team’s effectiveness in getting project information out to a wider audience.   Currently podcasts from number 38 on contain closed captioning, and the goal is to have all podcasts with closed captioning before the start of the growing season.

The Technology Outreach and Adoption team is looking to get out into grower vineyards during the 2018 growing season to highlight how growers are implementing the research-based practices being developed by researchers in the Efficient Vineyard project.  Podcasts are posted weekly on Wednesday afternoons, so check back frequently to see the latest in what the Efficient Vineyard team has to offer.  You can also like our YouTube channel (LakeErieRegionalGrapeProgram@CLEREL) and receive an email when new podcasts are posted.